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Do YOU have a Physical Therapist?

Do you have a Physical Therapist?
by Heather Asti, MPT

You should! Stop letting everyday aches and pains keep you from doing what you love, call today and start living again.

Most women have a list of doctors ~ optometrists, cardiologists, gynecologists ~ whom they regularly visit to care for their eyes, heart, lungs, and so on. But who do you see when your “everyday” aches, pains and health problems keep you from doing what you love?

Physical therapists are uniquely educated health care professionals who diagnose and treat conditions that limit your ability to move and function in daily life.  They use proven techniques to restore function and improve long-term quality of life, getting you back to the activities you love. HealthQuest Physical Therapists address issues that occur throughout the lifespan, from newborn to the elderly, including back pain, sprains and strains, osteoporosis, stroke, arthritis, incontinence and many more. If it limits your ability to move and function…HealthQuest can help!

In addition to treating what ails you, HealthQuest professionals can guide you in wellness programs specifically designed to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Whether you’re a new mom wanting to get rid of that nagging back pain and excess weight, or a vibrant retiree getting back to your weekly tennis match, physical therapy can be just what the doctor ordered.

At HealthQuest Physical Therapy, certified Women’s Health Therapists can address your aches and pains in addition to the unique health conditions that can arise in a woman’s lifetime. We are dedicated to learning the newest therapies and techniques to better serve you, and are passionate about helping women live their best, healthiest life! Let HealthQuest take care of you while you care for everyone else.

Written by Heather Asti , MPT, Staff Physical Therapist/CCCE at Rochester Hills,  Michigan


This information was provided by HealthQuest Physical Therapy and Wellness Centers: Return to Work, Return to Life, Return to Play.  To learn more about HealthQuest Physical Therapy services and how we can help you recover from an on-the-job injury, regain your independence and get back to living your life, or return to the physical activities you love visit our website at

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February 18, 2010 at 12:39 pm

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