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HealthQuest Physical Therapy Celebrates 10 Years

Bill Knight

Bill Knight

Stuart Siegner

Stuart Siegner

In the beginning…
Over eleven years ago Bill Knight and Stuart Siegner were disenchanted with the direction in which corporate health care was headed. They both knew, as physical therapists, they could have a profound effect on people’s lives, but not in their current working environment.

In 1999 they embarked on a journey that would ultimately impact more lives than they could have ever imagined. Not only would they and their staff treat more than 14,000 patients over the next ten years, but Bill and Stuart would inspire a number of others to join their profession, and in some cases, their practice.

Rachel Podowski, MPT (practicing in Arizona) was compelled to extend her appreciation, “Remember me? I was a patient in Rochester Hills and then an employee to help pay for college. You guys are the reason I became a physical therapist and probably the reason I am SO happy with my work. Bill, you made a HUGE impression…I honestly had no clue what I wanted to do with my future before I met you. You introduced me to therapy when I was your patient. I thank you also for teaching me how important it is to make health and exercise a part of everyday life. Now it’s me preaching all of the same rhetoric to my patients. Stu, you let me see the lighter side of things by getting your message across with a sense of humor and a dash of sarcasm. I will continue to refer EVERYONE I know (in Michigan) to you, because I believe you are the best. Your influence on me is everlasting and I wanted to give credit where credit is due.”

It speaks volumes when a patient is inspired to pursue the very career of their therapist. That decibel level increases when they return to practice physical therapy with their mentor.

Keri Anderson, DPT, another former patient and current staff therapist shares her impressions, “In my teens, I was a patient at HealthQuest in Rochester Hills for all of my gymnastics-related injuries. I remember, even then, being impressed with the level of care and personal attention that I received at each visit. I most often worked with Bill and on occasion with Stuart. They really went above and beyond to help me return to sport pain-free. I felt like family back then. Bill became a mentor to me as I began looking into PT as a career. I looked up to him and aspired to be as good a therapist. While attending PT school I worked as an aide at HealthQuest. After graduating, I interviewed there for a PT position and was hired when an opening was available. I jumped at the chance to return to HealthQuest where I knew I’d be working with a great team of people. I feel lucky to be a part of the HealthQuest family again. It’s just a great, friendly and caring environment to be in.”

“Bill and I both felt corporate health care compromised the quality of care in a variety of ways, not the least of which affected employee morale.” Stuart explains. “We quickly recognized our hands were tied when it came to our ability to provide the best care for our patients, “Bill chimes in, “That frustration was compounded when our employer refused to acknowledge any of our concerns. That is why, in 1999, after a great deal of hard work, determination and planning, we opened our first facility in Rochester Hills. A crucial component was a supportive environment that fosters personal and professional growth, camaraderie, open communication, and respect, between Stu and I, our staff and our patients.

Because Bill, Stuart and their staff succeeded in providing unprecedented quality care, they were encouraged by patients, family, friends, and physicians to expand to other areas. “It wasn’t a tough sell.” Bill remembers, “We definitely feel strongly that everyone deserves the highest level of treatment. Every patient deserves to be listened to; deserves to be taught; deserves access to a state of the art facility and deserves caregivers that are genuinely invested in their outcomes.” The next step was to develop a business model that would support and maintain their original priorities while adhering strictly to their original mission statement:

Our mission is to optimize the functional status and lifestyles of the members within the communities served by all of the HealthOuest PHYSICAL THERAPY AND WELLNESS CENTERS. We will accomplish this by providing an unprecedented quality of rehabilitative care as well as offering the highest level of consumer services in a consistent, cost-effective manner. In addition, we will promote proactive health care through education and community interaction.

Bill describes what is at the foundation of their business model, “The co-owners and directors of each of our facilities are experienced physical therapists who we have personally worked with, who demonstrate superior clinical skills, strong mental fortitude and a passion to help others.” Stu goes on to say, “By consistently applying that criteria in addition to adhering to detailed and updated policies and procedures, we ensure quality control.”

Growing Pains?
“Stu responds, “Because we invested a great deal of time in research, speculation and education from the beginning and along the way, we’ve been fortunate to circumvent some of the common pitfalls.” Bill interjects, “That is not to say we haven’t made some missteps. Fortunately, our philosophy has always been to keep an open mind and to realize there’s always room for improvement. We learn from what hasn’t worked and capitalize on what does. To maintain quality care, we will not compromise on continuing education. Our field is an evolving one. There are worthwhile treatment approaches we are obligated to expose to our staff therapists. We have a protocol in place to ensure this is done quarterly and support additional opportunities as they arise.”

Stu highlights another reason for their continued success, “We recognize none of this would be possible without the dedication of our staff, particularly those who have gone on to become the directors and co-owners of our facilities.” Bill adds, “All of our staff, clinical and administrative, in each clinic has to be outstanding…and is. Our patients deserve to feel they are important and cared for, from the time they call for their first appointment or free consultation to when they sign in at the front desk, are treated, and eventually discharged. As patients in any setting, we all deserve that treatment because we are entrusting [these] professionals with our health, our bodies, our lives.”

Because they refuse to accept less than what they provide, Bill and Stuart have had the great good fortune to attract staff members to the HealthOuest family who share their passion to help others. That has afforded them the opportunity to expand responsibly and successfully. Their growth has also supported their passion to mentor others in their chosen field of physical therapy. Bill emphasizes why he is obliged to ignite an interest in physical therapy in his patients and students, “As physical therapists, we have the best working knowledge of the entire musculoskeletal system and are keenly aware of how everything interrelates. Physical therapists are most appropriately defined as musculoskeletal specialists who can address any orthopedic problem.” Stuart elaborates, “From an autonomous standpoint, we really are the most logical place to begin when people have aches, pains or discomfort.”

“That’s true,” Bill nods in agreement. “In fact, when a patient returns to consult with Stu, me or other staff therapists about another musculoskeletal issue or refers a friend or a member of their family, we know we’ve done our job effectively. That form of endorsement validates what we do: educate, motivate and inspire as many people as we can to understand the importance of movement, proper posture and overall attention to health (daily). When patients are compelled to return or share their results with someone they care about, it is gratifying on many levels because we played a role in improving that patient’s condition and have the opportunity to do so in another’s.

Bill wants to clarify a bit of confusion, “A lot of people don’t realize they can schedule a free physical therapy consultation at HealthOuest any time. No prescription or referral is necessary and NO fees will be assessed. Our comprehensive consultation provides the information needed to steer patients in a direction yielding the quickest, safest, most appropriate care and outcome. Seriously, all people have to do is call and schedule an appointment.”

What the future holds:
Bill addresses what is to come, “The current health care system is in distress and unpredictable. We will continue to solidify our infrastructure to withstand whatever ultimately happens. We are confident that our ability to provide the best quality care in a supportive environment will always be relevant.” Stuart continues, “Change is inevitable, we feel fortunate and grateful to our staff, our family and our communities for the opportunities afforded us thus far. We look forward optimistically as we mentor others in physical therapy.” Bill interrupts, “Without a doubt, this is our passion. We recognize the potential impact this field has, and we are determined to play our parts to make that happen.”


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