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No Prescription. No Adverse Side Effects. Healing with Exercise.

“There is no medication or nutritional supplement that even comes close to having all of the effects exercise does,” declares David Nieman, PhD and author of The Exercise-Health Connection.

Exercise offers a tremendous healing influence on our bodies by reversing negative biochemical trends, while improving resiliency and immunity at virtually every level of our physiology.

Regular exercise has global healing effects. Daily physical activity works simultaneously on multiple systems to enhance spiritual, mental and physical health. Because these systems are interconnected, you cannot improve one without positively affecting the others.

According to a 20-year study published in the International Journal of Obesity, cardiovascular exercise significantly lowered the risk of cancer and heart disease, even in clinically obese individuals. Circulation cited a study where existing arterial damage was reversed in obese children that switched to a healthy diet and engaged in routine exercise.

Strength training enhances bone density. “When bones sense load, a small electrical signal causes the bone to respond and grow,” explains physiology professor, Frank Booth, PhD. Age is not a factor. A study dating back to 1994 showed postmenopausal women, who performed resistance exercises twice a week for a year, avoided bone loss, actually increasing their bone density.

Physical inactivity puts us at greater risk for age-related dementia. Exercise increases the uptake of growth factor in the brain that helps neurons work better, alters genetic patterns and enhances blood flow. This encourages the rapid firing of neurons, thereby improving our ability to concentrate. Recent studies suggest as little as three months of aerobic conditioning promotes nerve cell growth.

Exercise plays an irrefutable role in regulating hormone and blood sugar levels. A study conducted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services found patients with pre-diabetes, who increased their physical activity level, reduced their risk of developing type 2 diabetes more significantly than those taking medication.

Routine physical activity boosts your immune function, reduces inflammation, and supports mental, spiritual and sexual health. Unfortunately, we have run out of space, as the number of ways exercise heals exceeds the amount of available space. Please remember this dilemma when you are standing in line reading about the adverse side effects on the warning label of your medication.

A physical therapist can design a customized fitness program for you to help initiate healing with exercise.


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Written by Brooks Juneau

October 25, 2008 at 4:18 pm

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