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Saluting Our Staff: Ryan Vinson, MPT

After reading our March issue of HealthQuest Inter@ctive, Debbie Melchiorre called to nominate her physical therapist, Ryan Vinson, MPT. Debbie explains, “I’m so grateful for Ryan. He gave me my life back. He gave me the strength to handle my knee replacement. After my surgery, I was so worried I was going to get a blood clot or an infection. He would always check it out for me. I can’t put into words.”

Though Ryan has only practiced at HealthQuest for about a year, Debbie is not the only member of his fan club.

“Ryan was most patient and attentive to my therapy, allowing me to go at a pace I could handle. Thank you for being such a great therapist.” -Trudy Nowicki

“I was having a very difficult time doing the easiest tasks, even sleeping. With Ryan’s help, I’m able to do things again, properly, and avoid surgery. Thanks again, Ryan, you’re the best.”
-Linda A. Morrison

These proclamations of gratitude come as no surprise to Ryan’s Clinical Director, Ed Martel, MPT, OMPT. “Ryan is phenomenal. He has a sincere, vested interested in improving each patient’s condition; that’s why people show up.”

These reigning endorsements are why we are proud to have Ryan as a part of our HealthQuest

Ryan’s interest in physical therapy was sparked when he was twelve. “My grandfather had a stroke that affected the entire left side of his body. A family friend, and physical therapist, offered to work with him. He had 100% return. He even taught me how to golf.”

At Henry Ford High School, Ryan enrolled in the Health Occupations Tech Prep Program, where he met John Wharton, ATC, CSCS, Trainer for the Red Wings. “He showed us the sports aspect of physical therapy; I knew then, I wanted to pursue it from there.”

In 2003, Ryan earned his Masters Degree in Physical Therapy from Oakland University and is pursuing an advanced training certification in Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy.

“The diversity is what I love about this job. A new challenge every time a patient walks through the door. I’m like a detective, trying to figure out what’s wrong. It’s pretty neat when somebody comes in and feels they can’t do anything. I slowly start to coach them along until they take one step, then two, until they are back to sport or able to return to work.”

Ryan’s diverse vocational background also makes him uniquely qualified to relate to his patients. He ran a lathe for two years; until he almost lost a finger. “I detailed cars, worked in retail, landscaped, and was a mover for a furniture store. My experience helps, because I try to connect, on some type of personal level, with each patient. I find out a little bit about them and their interests.”

Ryan’s intense desire to play a positive role in his patients’ recovery and future is what drives him. It is also what motivates his patients to achieve their optimal results.


This information was provided by HealthQuest Physical Therapy and Wellness Centers: Return to Work, Return to Life, Return to Play.  To learn more about HealthQuest Physical Therapy services and how we can help you recover from an on-the-job injury, regain your independence and get back to living your life, or return to the physical activities you love visit our website at

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Written by Brooks Juneau

August 25, 2008 at 4:10 pm

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