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To Replace or Not to Replace, That is the Question

While our premier issue of HealthQuest InterActive answered a number of questions about hip pain, it led to several others about hip replacement. Readers wanted to know who should have hip replacement surgery and when; an excellent question without a universal answer. However, here are some criteria to help candidates and their caregivers make an informed decision.

You may benefit from hip replacement surgery if:

  1. Hip pain limits your ability to perform the following activities of daily living:
    • Standing from a seated position.
    • Walking up and down stairs.
    • Getting in and out of a car/vehicle.
  2. Hip pain interrupts or impedes sleep/rest.
  3. Stiffness in your hip/hips inhibits leg movement.
  4. Hip pain limits pleasurable activities (walking, traveling, shopping, golfing,etc.).
  5. Non-invasive treatments, such as physical therapy, assistive devices (e.g. cane), and/or medications, provide little or no pain relief.
  6. You experience adverse side effects from medications designed to reduce hip pain and inflammation.

Age and overall health are also factors to consider. While the final determination will be a solitary one, a primary care physician, orthopedic surgeon and physical therapist can provide the professional guidance and education to help each patient feel confident about their decision.

Previously, hip replacement surgery was only an option for people over 60. Fortunately, improved surgical procedures and technological advancements have paved the way for more active individuals to consider hip replacement as a viable option to relieve pain and restore range of motion. In fact, Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, underwent hip replacement surgery at the age of 49; just seven weeks before competing on Dancing with the Stars. Active recipients may require future surgery to replace the (artificial) hip joint in 15 – 20 years. This is a serious and personal decision for which benefits and risks must be weighed. Throughout the month of April, HealthQuest Physical Therapy is offering FREE classes for patients who are undergoing or considering hip replacement.

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Written by Brooks Juneau

April 25, 2008 at 3:37 pm

Posted in Hip

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