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Celebration of Our Patient’s Success – A Physicians Tale

Dr. Devyani Khambete is one busy woman. Not only is she a successful pediatrician, she’s a wife and mother of two active children. Maintaining her health with a holistic diet and routine exercise is the only way she feels competent to stay on schedule; which is why the onset of hip pain following a long flight to and from Japan made her stop and take notice.

One of Devyani’s main complaints was her inability to sit Indian-style on the floor to play with her children. “It was starting to affect my life, because with the children, when I sat down, I had to sit a certain way, and I just didn’t like having a body part not working properly, so you have to make your effort.”

As an active person and physician, Devyani tried some stretches and anti-inflammatory medications in an effort to promote healing. After six weeks and no relief, she sought the assistance of an orthopedic surgeon because of risk factors associated with meds taken in the past. Everything checked out and physical therapy was mentioned, but no referrals were given. After a few more weeks, and no change, Dr. Khambete knew she had to try something else.

“My office is next door and I go by HealthQuest every morning after I drop the kids to school, so I said, let me give it a shot. They got me in the very following day that I could come, which was wonderful.”

“I, quite frankly, really didn’t expect it to work.” Devyani shared another common concern about physical therapy: pain. “So I was surprised when it worked. Some of the exercises were not my favorite, but it wasn’t hard. The very first day I could notice a change, then I went through and I followed the sitting posture.”

Despite Dr. Khambete’s hectic schedule, Dan Garr, MPT attributes her successful results to her compliance and an accurate diagnosis. “She presented with hip pain, but was actually suffering from a tight groin muscle in spasm. This was effectively treated
with postural modifications, stretching exercises, and strain/counter-strain compression.”

“I tried to come religiously twice a week and I saw changes. It really didn’t take very long for it to be fixed. It was a very pleasant experience. Thanks to the very professional staff at HealthQuest, it didn’t feel like work. I was cured and able to resume all my activities pain-free.”


Written by Brooks Juneau

March 1, 2008 at 3:23 pm

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