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Golf may be a relaxing sport, but professionals and amateurs, alike, often sustain injuries to the low back, shoulder, elbow, wrist or hand. When left untreated or improperly treated, these injuries can become serious, long-term problems.

Many golf injuries are a form of tendonitis. Tendonitis is a swelling or inflammation of a tendon. In golf, most cases of tendonitis occur in the shoulder, elbow, wrist, or hand. Overuse of a particular muscle or tendon through improper swing mechanics, repetitive stress on impact with the ball/ground, and repetitive impingement of a tendon against a bone, are all possible causes of tendonitis.

Two other common golf injuries include sprains and strains. A sprain involves the stretching or tearing of a ligament, while a strain involves the stretching or tearing of a muscle or tendon. The low back and lumbar spine are susceptible to sprains and strains due to the repetitive rotation and torque placed in these areas through the golf swing. These issues, left untreated or improperly treated can weaken the low back and lead to more serious injuries. Any pain starting in the low back and traveling down the back of the leg should be evaluated immediately by a physician.

As you might expect, prevention is the key to avoiding injuries in golf. A consultation with a physical therapist, including a spinal screening, can identify problems related to mobility and flexibility of muscles and joints, strength imbalances, improper alignment of body segments. With this assessment, a physical therapist can develop and suggest appropriate stretching and strengthening techniques, teach proper movement patterns related to golf, and prescribe an exercise program incorporating core strengthening and cardiovascular conditioning. Each of these components is crucial to avoid injury and maximize your golf game.

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Did you know…

  • 3 out of 4 golf pros consult with a physical therapist or trainer?
  • there are 25 million golfers in the world and 3 out of 4 of them will have a back problem?
  • the number 1 injury for male golfers involves the low back?
  • the number 1 injury for female golfers involves the forearm?
  • walking 18 holes of golf burns 400-600 calories and is equivelant to running 6.5 mph for 45 minutes?
  • loads of greater than 8x your body weight are produced in your lumbar spine during your golf swing?

Written by Brooks Juneau

June 1, 2006 at 8:02 pm

Posted in Back

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